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Unusual scarf – unusual scarves

Scarves with your custom, unusual design. For men and women, not printed, but knitted from wool, wool blend or acrylic.

unusual scarf
Unusual scarf

Choose scarf size for your unusual design and create a knitted scarf that is unique and made for you only. Winter or summer scarf mixed retro or style art scarves come in many colors and can complete your amazing outfit.

Design your own scarf

With Wildemasche, you can have words of your choosing on a custom made book scarf. Just start the Online Designer, enter your text and complete your purchase. We’ll knit your custom textbook scarf from scratch within ca 1 week and send it to your door.

Get started

Start the Online Designer with desired product and option. This can be a scarf, or any other products with text or book style we offer. Get your story on a piece of knitted art.

Enter text and place text field

my book scarf text

Type or paste your text, then format it to suit. You may add only one letter, one word, a whole sentence or complete story. You can used the tile function so text fills the entire space. Choose colors as you like, and adjust spacing between text to minimize or maximize white space on your book scarf.

Choose from various font faces, or when adding your text as image, you can have any font face for your text.

Color Options

Choose color or pattern for background, for text and for text border. Adjust border thickness so text stands out better from the background, then add design to cart and check out.

Scarf color options

Use the custom scarf as giveaway, for wholesale or as a custom gift designed by you.
See blankets like home goods, and many more knitted products in our shop.

Rose cloud scarf with something in it

Here is our random design scarf of the day. A rose and white scarf, with cloud outlines in an overall line pattern. Now there seems to be something in the cloud, another pattern that comes and goes.

Design scarf rose clouds
Design scarf rose clouds

Do you like this design? Design your own at Wildemasche, or generate a random scarf design and add cliparts, text etc to it. So many knitting possibilities, so many patterns. Create your desing online now.

Design scarf editor

Recently, there’s been a drastic change, as we’ve gone from buying mass produced items to higher quality, more distinctive products. Instead of following a bunch of blueprints to the letter, items are now made to match YOUR personality.

Food scarf

Food scarf noodles

We loved this idea of unique products created with the customer in mind. After all, when you purchase something it should be a representation of you and your interests, not those of whoever drew the schematics. But while most companies choose to stop their work at creating a handful of creative items of their own designs, we decided to take it a step further and let you be the one to design your very own product, so that it is truly one of a kind.

Mc Fly scarf

Mc Fly scarf

To help ensure that you have every resource possible to create a scarf that is yours and yours alone, we built a personalized scarf generator that grants you complete power in designing the perfect scarf. With 100% creative control, the only limits to what you can do are your imagination.
If you’re a fan of words, then you’ll love the ability to upload custom text. Make it that inspirational quote that you love, your favorite song lyrics, or an excerpt of a poem that’s dear to your heart.
Images add a truly unique and personal feel to any article of clothing, and you have complete freedom in choosing whatever you’d like to place on your scarf. Upload absolutely whatever you’d like, whether it be an eye-catching logo, a family or personal crest, a custom piece of art, or a picture that holds a ton of memories. They say that an image is worth a thousand words, so choose the one that would make the best words.

You’ll control just about every aspect of the scarf, from the alignment and color of the text to the ability to create a completely unique pattern to line the scarf. This is your scarf. You deserve to create it how you want it.