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Metallica Knit Sweater

Ok, this is not a Metallica knit sweater. But the band wants you to write your logo, name or text in the metallica font / logo style.

Metallica font knit sweater

Metallica font knit sweater

So writing “Ugly Sweater” this way kind of makes it an ugly metallica knit sweater. Pull your design strings and make your own ugly christmas holiday sweater this season.

Wildemasche at Instagram

Dear visitor,

we’d like to direct you to the Wildemasche Instagram page. You will find lots of photos and scarf / blanket / product samples there.

WIldemasche product samples

WIldemasche product samples

At, you will also find galleries with sample products.

Sample image categories are:

We hope you enjoy surfing through all there wonderful designs and products.

Premium wool football and rugby scarves

Wildemasche premium football scarves

The famous Wildemasche football & rugby scarf allows you to show pride in your team in an understated and classical style. Traditionally made in Italian wool and hand-finished, Wildemasche scarves come in the colors of all of Europe’s favourite football & rugby clubs.

Choose from 100% pure Italian wool, 50/50 merinowool acrylic blend or 100% acrylic. Standard size, kids size and extralarge size available.

Made in Germany and completely unofficial, the Wildemasche scarf is knitted on demand. Choose to add or leave out club badges, sponsors or manufacturers logos; create your design classic that looks as good on your way to the pub or the office as it does at the match.


Scarf Westham United

Scarf Westham United

Scarf Milan

Scarf Milan

Traditionally, Wildemasche offers bespoke orders and custom scarves, starting from 1 piece with your custom design, NO MINIMUM ORDER. Worldwide delivery of premium football scarves, secure payment by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard et al.

We deliver scarves worldwide for English Football, English Premier, Championship, League One, League Two, Non League, Womens Clubs. Providing custom premium scarves for clubs of Scottish Football, European Football, Dutch Clubs, French Clubs, German Clubs, Italian Clubs, Spanish Clubs, English Rugby Clubs, Irish Rugby Clubs, Scottish Rugby Clubs, Welsh Rugby Clubs, French Rugby Clubs


New Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer

Dear knitwear fans,
we are proud to present the all new Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer. After months of development, coding and testing, you can now enjoy custom scarf shopping on a new level.

New scarf shop & designer

New scarf shop & designer

  • Responsive design, mobile enabled website and online designer
  • no more Flash player needed
  • easy image upload and color reduction
  • unlimited random design templates for each product
  • save designs and edit them fully after re-opening

are only some of the new features available now.
Only thing missing for scarves and blankets so far are cellular automata algorithm designs, we will add them soon.

In the next few weeks, we will blog about the new features in detail and update the help & faq section to reach the high standard we have set during the last five years of custom online knitwear design.

Ups, almost forgot about the new material options for all products: 100% Merino wool extrafine, 50/50 Merino wool / acrylic blend, and the 100% acrylic option.
Add the new sizes for blankets, extra long scarves and kids footballs scarves, what do you get?
There you are: the all new Wildemasche Shop and Online Designer

New colors for scarves and beanies

New colors are available for football / soccer scarves and beanies. The Wildemasche color palette for these products now has an extra 7 colors.
So now the total number of beautiful colors for the 100% soft acrylic quality is 22.

Soccer scarf colors

Soccer scarf colors

New colors added:

  • maroon: a dark brown red, the perfect scarf color for college and pro teams from the UK and the US, no matter which sport you’re in
  • dark green: this color is close to the well known “British Racing Green”
  • Purple: a light and a dark shade of purple. Both shades are strong and bright
  • Pink: radiant, beaming and screaming. You want to stand out above the crowd? Then choose pink for your scarf
  • Yellow: we added an extra yellow shade. Some teams and customers prefer a lighter shade of yellow. To make the difference clear, the stronger yellow used so far is now called “golden yellow”.
  • Bronze: this tone completes the yellow / brown section. Soccer teams use this color to display stars above or below their logo, to show how many championships they have won (if any!)

New colors are available for products knitted from 100% Soft Acrylic. Currently these products are football / soccer scarves and beanies.

Both product ranges can be ordered with your custom design, no minimums, starting from single pieces already. The Online scarf designer has the new colors built in.

Have fun designing your scarf or knit beanie with the new (and of course also old) colors.