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Unusual scarf – unusual scarves

Scarves with your custom, unusual design. For men and women, not printed, but knitted from wool, wool blend or acrylic.

unusual scarf
Unusual scarf

Choose scarf size for your unusual design and create a knitted scarf that is unique and made for you only. Winter or summer scarf mixed retro or style art scarves come in many colors and can complete your amazing outfit.

Design your own scarf

With Wildemasche, you can have words of your choosing on a custom made book scarf. Just start the Online Designer, enter your text and complete your purchase. We’ll knit your custom textbook scarf from scratch within ca 1 week and send it to your door.

Get started

Start the Online Designer with desired product and option. This can be a scarf, or any other products with text or book style we offer. Get your story on a piece of knitted art.

Enter text and place text field

my book scarf text

Type or paste your text, then format it to suit. You may add only one letter, one word, a whole sentence or complete story. You can used the tile function so text fills the entire space. Choose colors as you like, and adjust spacing between text to minimize or maximize white space on your book scarf.

Choose from various font faces, or when adding your text as image, you can have any font face for your text.

Color Options

Choose color or pattern for background, for text and for text border. Adjust border thickness so text stands out better from the background, then add design to cart and check out.

Scarf color options

Use the custom scarf as giveaway, for wholesale or as a custom gift designed by you.
See blankets like home goods, and many more knitted products in our shop.

Sweater mockup generator

Looking for a sweater mockup generator? Mockups are widely used to show how a design will look on a piece of garment. Most of the tools are used for T-shirt or sweater mockup creation. But some tools not only create a mockup, but the production file that can be directly used to produce the sweater or shirt.

Wildemasche sweater mockup generator
Sweater mockup generator

The Wildemasche Online Designer is one of the tools that can create the actual production ready file. And it is not used for printing on sweaters, but the sweater is knitted, and the design is also knitted. Put in any stock photo, template, pattern or clipart, and watch the visualisation preview.

Your photoshop design can also be previewed and knitted. Use the upload feature to add your custom design and create a sweater mockup in no time. Order directly in the shop and have it produced in any quantity from 1 piece.

The perfect custom crewneck clothing, with knitted in allover design on sweater front, back and sleeves.

Tiled scarf patterns

Time for a Wildemasche Online Designer update. This time, we have added the option to tile any element that you add to the scarf. Here is how it works:

Go to www.wildemasche.com, choose desired product and start the Online Designer with this product. To see all products and material / size options available, go to the product overview here

Now, every element that is added to the design can be tiled allover the design. This works for all products: football scarves, fashion scarves, blankets, beanies.

Tile any element

Tile any element

In the sample here, the text element “My text” is selected. Tile options are displayed at the element. Click buttons to tile the element allover the design.

Choose a pattern tiling option: repeat, mirror repeat, repeat horizontally and repeat vertically. Try out these options, while resizing the element. There are thousands of new ways to create your design.

Tile repeat options

Tile repeat options

Hint for text elements: add spaces if more spacing between letters or words ist needed. Or increase the border size while keeping the border color transparent. Thus a background pattern is still visible although behind the text.

Tiling also works for cliparts or uploaded images, photos, logos etc. Upload your team logo, and not just put in on the scarf’s edge, but have it repeated allover the design.

When adding own images, you can also use the crop tool to crop the image, and create even more awesome effects (e.g. kaleidoscope), especially on custom blankets.

Online Designer crop tool

Online Designer crop tool