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Non league football scarf

The famous non league football & rugby scarf allows the wearer to show pride in their team in an understated and classically knitted style. Traditionally made and hand-finished in Germany, non league football & rugby scarves come in the colours of your choice, all of Europe’s favourite football & rugby clubs are achievable through the Wildemasche yarn palette.

Non league scarf #1
Non league scarf #1

Made in Germany since 2003, the non league football & rugby scarf is totally free & independant regarding design: create your own with or without club badges or logos, it’s your choice and looks as good as you make it. On your way to the pub, the office or the next football match.

Custom premier city scarves with the design of your choice, create and shop them online now. Retro sports club or team knitwear, right from the maker for you personal merchandise wardrobe, memorabilia or personalised sports fandom outfit.

Wildemasche at Instagram

Dear visitor,

we’d like to direct you to the Wildemasche Instagram page. You will find lots of photos and scarf / blanket / product samples there.

WIldemasche product samples

WIldemasche product samples

At Wildemasche.com, you will also find galleries with sample products.

Sample image categories are:

We hope you enjoy surfing through all there wonderful designs and products.

Wildemasche on holiday

Thank you for a really great 2013. We have seen and produced lots of great designs, both as scarves and blankets. We have been very busy before christmas this year, we are sorry if it took some days to answer your emails or questions.

Thank you for your trust. We know that ordering from a different continent seems a risk. But we have hopefully shown that you can rely on our service and our products. And we are proud we have really delivered worldwide: Thank you America, Asia, Australia, and Europe of course. Antarctica was as bit weak this year, thanks anyway.

We have plans for 2014, the Soccer world cup in Brazil, and some new frontend stories to tell you. So look forward to new scarf design possibilities.

Now we take a break until January 6th, see you next year.

Wildemasche for custom scarves

Why use Wildemasche?

Wildemasche provides high quality double knitted custom scarves. All our scarves are manufactured in Germany using high quality yarn (soft acrylic) producing a double thermal knitted texture.

Raise money for your club: Sell each official club scarf at a profit helping raise money for your football club. The more you buy, the more profit the club can make.

Did we mention we do this custom knitting thing for fans, supporters and clubs for over 10 years now? Tens of thousands of scarf designs and custom scarves already created, produced and shipping to our customers. We specialise in scarves, but we’re a team of many talents so we can offer custom made blankets too. Contact us for more information, or see the official website for all the information.